Welcome to websites of the Association of supplementary pension companies

The Association of supplementary pension companies associates members, who perform supplementary pension saving on the basis of the permit granted by the National Bank of Slovakia in accordance with Act No. 650/2004 Coll. on supplementary pension saving and on amendment of certain other acts as amended.

The purpose of supplementary pension saving is to allow the employee or to other natural person to obtain supplementary pension income in old age and in the case of finishing the performance of occupations that are categorized into preferred categories based on the decision of the health protection authority. The employer can contribute to supplementary pension saving of the employee. The participation of the employer, who employs the employees, whose occupations are categorized into category 3 or 4 based on the decision of the competent authority, or other occupations established by the Act, such as dancers or windjammers in this scheme is mandatory.

Presidency of Association of supplementary pension companies:

  • Mgr. Martin Višňovský - president
    NN Tatry - Sympatia, d.d.s., a.s.
  • Ing. Peter Socha - vicepresident
    UNIQA d.d.s., a.s.
  • JUDr. Marián Melichárek - member
    STABILITA, d.d.s., a.s.
  • Mgr. Marek Prokopec - member
    Doplnková dôchodková spoločnosť Tatra banky, a.s.